Sterile gauze gauze palms


10cm. x 10cm. with 4 layers
20cm. x 20cm. with 4 layers
25cm. x 25cm. with 4 layers
20cm. x 30cm. with 4 layers
30cm. x 30cm. with 4 layers
30cm. x 45cm. with 4 layers

40cm. x 40cm. with 4 layers
45cm. x 45cm. with 4 layers
50cm. x 50cm. with 4 layers
45cm. x 70cm. with 4 layers
10cm. x 60cm. with 4 layers
50cm. x 60cm. with 4 layers

70cm. x 70cm. with 4 layers
45cm. x 45cm. 4 green layers
50cm. x 50cm. 4-layer blue
50cm. x 60cm. 4-layer green
50cm. x 50cm. and 8 layers are precipitated

Sterile gauze gauze palms.

100% pure cotton wool and lace gauze pajamas, bent. Sterile.

The laparotomic pieces are produced in compliance with the essential safety requirements set out in Annex 1 of the European Pharmacopoeia Ed., Directive 93/42 / EEC transposed in Italy with D. Lgs.vo no. 46 of 27.02.1997, UNI EN 14079.
They are available in different types of sizes, layers and titles and have a 32/40 yarn reduction.
They are produced with or without radial contrast wire (RX), which is firmly woven into the gauze or provided with a contrast bar.
Depending on the request, they are packed in a single envelope or double envelope with “Peel Open” opening, using medical paper and polypropylene plastic film.
On the double envelopes, the control cutter is applied to the numeric count and, if required, packed in a box dispenser.
They are available in several 1/2/3/5/10/20 pieces depending on the need.
Also available on request are green or blue laparatomics or pre-washed laparatomics.

The device is packaged in a suitable microbiologically controlled environment, using methods and processes validated in accordance with current regulations, Directive 93/42 / EEC and sterilized with ethylene oxide according to ISO 11135.

Methods of production:
Cut to size.
The gauze piece is bent with the inside edges, sewn along the perimeter and provided with internal stitching, to prevent wire leakage.
Where required the application of the retention tape, i.e. a belt buckle firmly attached to an angle.
Equipped with cross stitching.
Weighing each single envelope with weighing scale to verify that the number of laparotomies inside is correct.
Inspection for quality control.
Sterilization and packaging.

Intended use:
Class IIa invasive surgical device.
Dealfa recommends using gauze with radial contrast wire in the context of surgery.

Brand: CE 0425 – Line: DealSafe – LATEX FREE

Table title:
Sterile bent gauze tablets with or without radial contrast wire available in double envelopes or single envelopes respectively.

Availability of product customizations in terms of measurements, layers and padding.