Hydrophilic gauze bandages


1cm. x 5m.
2cm. x 5m.
5cm. x 5m.
7cm. x 5m.
10cm. x 5m.
15cm. x 5m.
20cm. x 5m.

Hydrophilic gauze bandages.

100% pure cotton hydrophilic gauze bandage. Not sterile.

The soft and hydrophilic edged gauze strips are intended to be used mainly for dressing fixings.
Their edges prevent loosening and the double stranded wire ensures high fabric quality.

The device can be sterilized after suitable packaging in a microbiologically controlled environment, using methods and processes validated in accordance with current regulations.
The device is compatible with the main sterilization methods: steam (ISO 17665), ethylene oxide (ISO 11135) and ionizing radiation (ISO 11137).

Methods of production:
Cut to size.
Inspection for quality control.

Intended use:
Non-invasive surgical device in Class I.

Brand: CE0425 – Line: DealSafe – LATEX FREE

Table title:
Hydrophilic gauze bandages.

Product customization availability.