Extensible adhesive patch in TNT


2.5cm. x 10m.
5cm. x 10m.
10cm. x 10m.
15cm. x 10m.
20cm. x 10m.
30cm. x 10m.

Extensible adhesive patch in TNT.

Airtight patch, on TNT elastic support, porous, air permeable and water vapor.

Non-invasive device, to be used to cover and fix any type of dressing, fix probes, catheters, drainage, support bandages.
It is supplied in box dispenser boxes for practical use.
The patch can be attached to the skin with light pressure and can be left for long periods without causing mechanical irritation and allergies.
Provides total freedom in movement and is suitable for long-lasting dressings.
Apply on dry skin.
It leaves no residue on the skin after removal.
On request cut preparation, to allow a tear without the use of scissors, allowing easy and quick use depending on the different applications.

The device can be sterilized after suitable packaging in a microbiologically controlled environment, using methods and processes validated in accordance with current regulations.
The device is compatible with the main sterilization methods: ethylene oxide (ISO 11135) and ionizing radiation (ISO 11137).

Methods of production:
Primer material coating in TNT with glue.
Cut to size.
Packaging in box dispenser.
Inspection for quality control.

Intended use:
Non-invasive surgical device in Class I.

Brand: CE – Line: DealFix – LATEX FREE

Table title:
Adhesive patch.

Product customization availability.